Helping People Find And Fearlessly Move Into The Power Of Their Unique Story.

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Accomplishing mission through education, social entrepreneurship, community, and family.


Elementary Education | Learn Jelly

Learn Jelly is a social enterprise with a mission to use storytelling, art, and coding to help elementary educators ensure that their students’ acquire the necessary foundation and tools for them to walk powerfully into their best story. Read More →


Community| CREDO Conduit

The CREDO Conduit society, a partnership with SunGate Capital, is an interdisciplinary society made up of individuals and companies who believe their lives and work get better when they come alongside each other.

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Social Entrepreneurship | Rally

Rally's mission is to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas and existing work into sustainable ventures that create positive social change. 

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Family | Steele Co.

We serve our communities by helping people access the hope and power of their unique stories through art, education and the gospel.

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Nuances is a series of short interviews that provide you with insight into the small, but significant, details and events that shaped my larger story.