Helping People Find And Fearlessly Move Into The Power Of Their Unique Story.

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Accomplishing mission through education, social entrepreneurship, community, and family.


Elementary Education | Learn Jelly

Learn Jelly’s mission is to increase the reading and learning proficiency rate of all elementary students by providing educators with coding-based classroom programs, workshops, consulting, and professional development.

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Community Building | CREDO Conduit

The CREDO Conduit society, a partnership with SunGate Capital, is an interdisciplinary society made up of individuals and companies who believe their lives and work get better when they come alongside each other.

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Social Entrepreneurship | Rally

Rally's mission is to create positive social change by propelling qualified social entrepreneurs to build their ideas into self-sustainable ventures within our community.

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Family | Steele Co.

We serve our communities by helping people access the hope and power of their unique stories through art, education and the gospel.

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